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- For Sale: 1935 Waco CUC-2. Wright R760 E-2, 196 hours SMOH. Becker comm and transponder. Transcal encoder, Jasco alternator, Bendix Eclipse starter, Concord battery, Cleveland wheels and brakes. Cabin heat. Just annualed November 2017. Selling for medical reasons. $215,000. Bill French, 314-277-8453,

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-Seeking serviceable landing gear struts for my UPF-7. Also interested in possible purchasing an undamaged, corrosion-free fuselage. Contact John Corradi, Rixeyville VA. 540-718-3717 or email
- FOR SALE. 1931 Waco RNF. Restored from Barry Brannin project. Restoration completed with re-certification 2006. All metal sanded, primed, and repainted. All new fuselage wood. Brakes refurbished with new linings and new wheels. Wing spars good. Some ribs repaired. Center section reconstructed. All gussets tested and replaced where necessary. All wing wood scraped and re-varnished. Epoxy glue and varnish used throughout. Tailwheel changed to steerable Scott. Polyfiber covering with Polytone finish in Bahama blue fuselage and white wings and empennage. Hangered at Ramona, CA since restoration. Excellent condition. (Photos on Barnstormers.) 1040 TT on airframe. Battery electrical system with electric starter and radio. Battery (24 amp-hr Concord) charged through external port. Transponder available with plane but not installed to avoid use and unknown drain on battery for longer flights. All cylinder CHT. No lights. Engine overhauled by Al Holloway. Cylinders chromed and bored back to standard. Pistons are new STC pistons. (See other ad this site.) 548 TT on engine; 75 SMOH. Extensive photos of restoration details, photo-documented engine manual, extensively documented (but unofficial) owner’s manual, and history of ownership and repairs with plane.
Pictures and details at  Asking $85,000  $80,000.Pasted Graphic 1Pasted Graphic
- 1931 Waco QCF-2 Project...Accepting Offers...FAA registration current with correct “N” number & S/N. This project is for sale with or without professional restoration. Partnerships or shared ownership of completed project considered. Financing available to qualified buyers. Interesting flying trades also considered. “0” SMOH Cont. 670 (Radial Eng. Ltd.) with roller bearing STC. “0” SMOH 96.5” Curtiss Reed propeller. “New” front exhaust, “New” speed ring, “New” spinner, “New” carb air inlet , “New” fuselage, “New” tail feathers, “New” rudder/elevator bearing blocks, “New” jackscrew & pulley, “New” front glove boxes, “New” tail wheel assembly with smooth tire. O/H’ed main landing gear with modern seals, Clev. 310 wheels & disc brakes. Many more “New” and rebuilt parts. Visit: for complete parts inventory & additional pictures or contact Mike Shaver (209) 962-6885.”
- QCF-UBF-QDC & UEC engine speed rings with mounting hardware. Ready to bolt on. Only 12 left. John Swander. 816-289-1983.
- Hydro-formed engine bump cowls. Fits standard UC-78 cowl. Call Bud Hayes at 219-696-6108. 9994 Calumet Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356.
- Inspection Hole Covers. We are offering new vintage style Inspection Hole Covers. We needed some and the ones from the catalogs just didn't look right, so we made the tooling to make our own. We patterned them from the old ones we had on our Waco. Made from aluminum with a beveled edge to sit around the plastic ring on the fabric. It has 4 louvers that locate the cover on the center of the hole and won't allow it to slide around. The spring on the back will hold it tight but still allows it to be easily removed. We have not lost one from the aircraft yet. $7.00 each plus shipping. Call Seth Wolfe. 310-344-0028 or


- Back issues of Sportsman Pilot, the quarterly magazine edited by Jack Cox over a 30-year period. Each issue includes lots of antique and classic coverage. The website,, includes a complete list of issues still available. Orders can be submitted through the website using PayPal for payment or can be ordered from Golda Cox, PO Box 400, Asheboro, NC 27204. Price is $3.50 ($5.00 foreign) each. Pricing includes postage.
- UKC-S. Wings removed for storage. Contact Andy Andridge at 210-822-0139 or email
- Multiple Grand Champion Award winning 2004 UMF-5 Waco. NX14377. Low time on airframe and Continental W670. $165,000. Contact Don at 309-235-0008 or Dean at 563-570-2403.
- Instrument panels for the UIC, UEC,& QDC Cabins.  Exact copies of the original, hand hammered by a master metal smith.  Call Jon at (574) 274-3339.
- 1941 Waco UPF-7.  N32140, s/n 5781. 220hp Continental.  Aircraft was restored by Don Clark in Waterford, NY circa 2002, keeping the original wings.  In 2007 Harco Aviation completed all new wood wings, as well as Cleveland brake installation. TTAF 3234 hrs and engine SMOH 72 hrs.  Aircraft located in Houston, TX.  $155,000.  Contact Skip Harrison at Harco Aviation. (713) 641-1869.
- 1931 Waco INF S/N 3384.  99% completer, immaculate condition, must see to appreciate.  New wood, fresh Kinner R55 engine and accessories.  Recent modifications include Cleveland wheel and brake conversion, Y150 electric starter, wind driven alternator, complete fuselage powder coating with internal corrosion lubricant, complet KLX 135A GPS/COM.  Good paperwork including rebuild history.  Aircraft run routinely and hangared at all times.  Aircraft requires reconstruction of Logs (Airframe, Engine, and Prop).  Owner/builder was an experienced A&E and is now deceased.  Plane needs a good home.  FAA/DAR available on site to coordinate certification if required or requested.  Aircraft not flown since rebuild.  Asking $100,000.  Located at Elizabethton, TN (OA9).  Contact Mike Lloyd (DAR) at (423) 383-1260.  Photos available.
  (2) Waco Taperwing projects.  First project nearly ready for cover. Complete.  $100,000.  Second Taperwing Replica "Body" nearly ready for cover.  $50,000.  Contact Reif Brown at 316-744-2443 or 316-706-5319.
1931 Waco QCF-2 project for sale. Ever dreamed of owning and flying a Waco F-2?  Looking for a great project?  Very complete 1931 QCF-2 project for sale.  A lot of work already completed.  Call for complete parts list and price.  NO tire kickers. Serious buyers only.  (209) 962-4737.
New batch of Curtiss Reed spinners.  $75 each.  Steve L. Dawson at 262-642-3649 or email:
- 1937 YKS-7. 245 Jacobs, 360 hr SMOH, 1800.  TT -9 Prop. Aug 08 annual. Nice interior. KX 170B nav/com. KR86 ADF. Transponder. Flies great. Metalized fuselage. $65,000. Call Dave Stroup at 330-823-0854 or email
- Waco Projects AVN-8’s, 1st complete on gear wood complete. Wings about ready for cover. Everything is here including rare wheel pants and low time Jacobs L6 330hp. Serial # 5117 N19385. 2nd project complete but not started needs ground up restoration. Serial # 5114 N90H. Also lots of extra parts, including wings. Kevin 636-262-0161.
-  UPF-7 throttle quadrants.  Production of parts for exact duplicates of the original has begun.  Please contact Marc Roberts at (717) 292-9407 or email levelacresairport@gmail.comw
- 1954 Cessna 180.  TTAF approx. 6900 hrs.  McCauley 88" prop installed in 2006.  TTSMOH 75 hrs.  Based at Hicks Airport (T67), DFW area.  $83,000.  West Sanders, email  More info at
- 1938 Waco AVN-8, 5 hours SMOH.  Complete recover with Ceconite.  5 hrs since prop rebuild, 330 Jacobs, Cleveland brakes, mohair and leather interior.  Asking $145,000.  Bob Matulewic.  7201 Polson Lane, Hazelwood, MO 63042.  (314) 521-9969.
1994 Waco Classic YMF.  N4300.  Red with black and gold trim.  Deluxe interior, L & R aux fuel tanks, fully instrumented front cockpit including brakes.  full Garmin radio package including transponder, autopilot, strobe, nav, landing & taxi lights.  Many other extras too numerous to mention.  If seriously interested, contact Harry S. Gaples at 847-945-1239.  14543 W. Imperial Drive, Mettawa, IL 60048.
- Waco paperwork. Current paperwork and title on a Waco 10, s/n 1476, NC 6704, inclusing registration and original dataplate.  The "N" number was never reassigned so it still applies to the airplane.  Entire history of the plane and I have been in contact with the son of the original owner.  Someone purchasing the paperwork may have a Waco 10 project that is an assembly of parts.  The project could then be licensed in the Standard Category when completed.  The object it "keep the antiques flying",  meaning as original as possible.  Contact Bill Ballard at  719-638-5760 for more details.  4010 Loring Circle N., Colorado Springs, CO 80909.
- Complete system to make Townend Cowlings (speed rings) for radial engines.  Includes chuck to spin them, dies to make the cups to fit on the rocker boxes, 14 cups, 3 semi-complete cowlings (wire rolled into the edges); 1 complete cowling to fit a Continental W670.  Photos available.  Charles Sarnelli at 609-689-0090.
- 1934 Waco YMF-5.  Nice '90s restoration.  275hp Jacobs (265 SMOH by Steve Curry).  Cleveland brakes, VFR instruments, red & black with gold trim, 0 since overhaul on Sensenich prop.  It is a work of art.  New landing gear fairings & wing to fuselage fairings. Has lived in a heated hangar since restoration.  Lots of history, the aircraft was wold new to Halliburton and early passengers included Elliott Roosevelt.  Completed a Prove, UT to Solberg, NJ round trip in 2006 with no problems.  Very dependable aircraft, ready for work or play.  Annual is current and aircraft is flying.  An original YMF-5 is the real dal.  $175,00 or make offer.  Call Norm Castle (801) 358-6665.  Prove, UT.
- Curtiss-Reed prop.  Model 55510, 86.5".  Was on Ranger engine.  Prop yellow-tagged.  $4000. Contact John Reed at 415-332-3490 or email
- Front and rear control stick sockets, new.  Also, front control stick grip castings for UPF-7.  Rodney Barnes at 262-567-7481.
Part #19686, landing gear diagonal brace strut eyebolt for '34 and up.  New production and certified.  Jon Nace, A&P and aviation machinist.  (574) 274-3339.
1937 Cabin Waco YKS-7.  Modern wheels, brakes, and tires.  Wood prop, leather and mohair interior.  Rebuilt in 1986 with brand new wings.  Stits process.  Flies great!  TTAF 2560, engine 1500, SMOH 520, STOH 44.  Always hangared.  Fresh annual with sale.  $119,000.  Roger (208) 683-3105.
Complete set exhaust shroud for Jacobs engine.  Contact John Reed at 415-332-3490.
New spun aluminum dishpans.  John Gerth at 765-832-7213 (H) or 812-251-7372 (Cell).  Email at
- WACO QCF-2.  Oshkosh Grand Champion.  Also, WACO UBF-2, just as nice.  2 Taperwings also for sale.  Contact John Cournoyer at 314-739-3800 (daytime) or 314-434-4378 (evenings).
- Attach clips for aileron slave strut; fits all aluminum four aileron Wacos.  Part# 11736, 11737, and 11684.  Made in aerospace stainless to modern specifications from original parts.  Jon Nace, A&P and aviation machinist.  574-274-3339 or email:
-1929 Hamilton ground adjustable 97-3/4" prop.  Yellow tagged and ready for your 125 Kinner or Warner.  1595 hub plated at time of prop overhaul.  "0" time since overhaul.  $4800.  Paul Robertson at 586-727-7984 or email:
- UPF-7 landing gear to fuselage cuffs.  They are made oversized so you can trim to fit.  You can either weld or rivet them together like the originals. They are made for UPF-7 only.  $400 pair.  Contact David Wenglarz at 219-828-3835 (days) or 219-828-4145 (nights) or email:
- Carbeurator airbox for UPF-7, stabilizer trim screws and nuts for UPF-7 and most other Waco models.  Joe Maridon at 702-658-1264. 6429 Ouida Way, Lax Vegas, NV 89108.
- Pioneer pitot tubes for Wacos.  Exact replication of the original including fittings.  All hand made.  $250 unplated or $300 nickle plated plus shipping.  (Also make them for Hatz Biplanes).  UBF-2 tailwheel assembly.  Exact replication.  Includes shock strut, fork and 4" tailwheel hub with mounting brackets.  $2500 plus shipping.  Ken Perkins. 913-764-6949 or email:  (Pictures available on request.)
- Brown Aero Products streamline & round stainless steel flying wires , tie rods & terminals.  New original style corrugated aluminum ailerons, ready to install on your Waco.  Brown Aero. B716 County Road P, Unity, WI 54488. 
- Inspection hole covers, guaranteed not to blow off (tested at 170 mph).  Fits all standard inspection holes.  Beveled edge aluminum disc, dimpled for perfect alignment with a titanium flat spring for security.  $5.95 each for ten or more, including shipping.  Ralph Baxter. 310-375-5626.  27 Hidden Valley Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274.
 Windshield frames for UPF-7, both front and rear. $1000 ea. or, $2000 for set. We had molds made off original frames. Nice looking reproductions.  Dave Wenglarz 574-896-2353 or shop 219-828-3835.



- UPF-7 Carburator Air Box Assembly. Contact Dave Wogernese @ 715-831-6486 or 320-267-1425 (cell).

 - Waco YKS-7 original or fiberglass wheel pants. Contact Brian Newman at 208-936-1058 or 208-453-8213. Email at old Caldwell, Idaho.

- E-80 starter or core.  Marc Roberts at 717-292-9407 or email
- I'm building an F-5 WACO and would like any old unusable parts to use as references with the drawings to assist in constructing new parts.  If anyone has things they do not want or will sell cheap, give me a call.  I will pay for all shipping and purchase old parts if they can be effectively used for reference.  Ben H. Warner.  22612 95th Place West, Edmons, WA 98020.  Phone 425-672-3293 (work) or 206-999-9433 (home).  Email
- Waco Taperwing project.  Any condition.  Contact Steven Sachs at 615-443-4797 or 



Don Mayer, Master Parachute Rigger. Parachute Shop, Pepperell Airport. Phone 978-433-8550 or Fax 978-433-3264. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9am-4pm, Closed Mondays.
- Restoration Service: WACO Aircraft Restoration FAA Production Certificate Holder and FAA Licensed Repair Station providing dedicated/experienced work centers including: Sales, Engineering, Inspection, Steel Parts/Welding, Sheet Metal, Wood Working, Fabric Covering & Upholstery, Paint & Finish, Avionics,  Aircraft Assembly, and Import/Export Services. WACO Classic Aircraft Corp. Tel: 269/565.1000, email:, web:

- (2) Bendix-Scintilla VMN7DF magnetos overhauled by Aircraft Systems of Rockford, IL. Never used. $1200 each. Jack Woodford. 608-575-9266.
- Sensenich Prop for WACO YMF-5. Like new. Approximately 200 hrs with complete hub, bolts and nuts. W96JB-4-68. 96" diameter. Call 336-340-5474. Best reasonable offer.
- Bamboo Bomber cowling with brackets. $500. Jack Woodford. 608-575-9266.